Facilitated Workshops

Strategic Planning


Sit back and let a professional facilitate your long-range strategic planning process. Pull together the best thinking of your group with proven planning and implementation processes that deliver breakthrough results.

Maria C. Birkhead, Certified Professional Facilitator

  • Two-Day  Business Offsites
  • Nonprofit Board/Staff Retreats
  • Focus Groups  
  • Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Full Documentation 
  • Tools to Boost Team Performance
  • Regular Tactical Updates 
    and more…

Idea-Catchers® Facilitation System​

Meetings can be a challenge. So many issues, ideas, and perspectives to consider.  How do we sort it all out in the time that we have?  Our facilitation system empowers teams to gather, organize and prioritize their best thinking at the speed of business. 

We special order our 8″ by 6″ Idea-Catchers®  from 3M,  and we wouldn’t be without them. They create a visual display that helps planners  cut through meeting clutter to home in on what’s really important.